About Me:

I’m Yolanda Keil. I am a blogger, strategic brand/web content consultant, proofreader and the creator of Fringed Jewels. 

I am not the norm. I don’t follow traditional methodology. I prefer to learn the “rules”, and then boldly carve out my own unique niche. I specialize in looking for the unusual…the loopholes and gaps. I see what others overlook. 

About Fashion & True Style:

This is no “cookie-cutter” fashion blog ... I celebrate the beauty of creativity via a fashion, arts and lifestyle focus. I share my:

  • My Deconstructed & Reworked Fashion - My eclectic, hand-crafted wardrobe of one-offs.
  • Fringed Jewels Projects - My deconstructed & reworked accessories.
  • Fab Finds - My 'under the radar" fashion arts & lifestyle finds. 

My mission is to celebrate the next level in creativity.

My Fab Finds

I have an eye for unique, covetable items ... The beautiful works of creativity that are sophisticated, fresh and a little edgy. My posts reach those who take action ... My fab finds are different and tend to sell out.

A Few Examples:

Product status after I featured it on Fashion & True Style

My Deconstructed & Reworked Projects

My deconstructed and reworked projects start with shopping my closet ... I convert my rarely/never-worn designer styles into fabulous hand-crafted, one-off pieces that I love and can’t wait to wear. My reworks have grown from trying basic alterations into an outlet for creative expression.

There are no boundaries when it comes to my rework projects. I have converted dresses into tops, pants into a pencil skirt, a scarf into a necklace, a top into a choker panel, etc. 

I even challenged myself to create an eclectic, up-cycled wardrobe without buying any new clothes for one year.

A few of my deconstructed & reworked projects

More project examples (yielding top Google keyword search results)

My Fringed Jewels Projects

I have also developed a deep love of experimenting with my hand-crafted jewelry and accessories... hence the birth of Fringed Jewels.

A few of my reworked accessories 

They say you are the first things you think of when you wake. I think of:
  • Creative, dynamic craftsmanship in fashion, art and interiors.
  • Reworking my rarely/never-worn past purchases ... Turning those pieces into funky, eclectic items that celebrate my true, individual style.
  • Doing my planned activities to be my best me and give my best to my clients.  
  • Making sure I share my discoveries via my blog.

Global Influences ...

I studied for a semester in France and never quite recovered from the experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to see things beyond my little world. And I haven't stopped exploring since.

I strongly believe that knowledge & exposure to other cultures/influences enhances one's lifestyle, confidence and sophistication.

My followers look to my blog for inspiration, ideas and fresh, unique techniques in fashion and style.

My product/designer reviews are just that ... my reviews, which are always my opinions in my own words. Occasionally, I feature sponsored reviews (via free product and/or link fees). Sponsored reviews will include a referral link, to the website, at the end. 

Please email me at contact@fashionnts.com if you are interested in:
  1. Sponsoring a review/collab.
  2. Hiring me to consult on your brand/content strategy.