Thursday, August 23, 2018

My Secret Weapon for Soft Skin

My skin has always been dry and very sensitive. How do I keep it soft and moisturized?

I have tried many products and many combinations of products over the years. While I still make 90% of my own products (It’s still the best option for my super-sensitive skin.), I found that the kessa glove really keeps it soft and flake-free.

Yes, this is the same glove used in the traditional hammam spa treatment (a multi-step treatment that I wrote about previously). However, my secret is to use it with each shower, in lieu of a washcloth or sponge, with a body cleanser.

This glove exfoliates like nothing else that I’ve tried. It truly is no joke. Even the traditional-method instructions for using the kessa suggests you start with scrubbing gently, until you become accustomed to using the glove.

My skin is noticeably softer. I see the biggest difference with my heels and elbows. I no longer need heavy creams or special treatments to keep them moisturized and soft.