Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Updated: Yes, I Did This: My Fringed Jewels Reworked Gucci Watch

Yes, I had the balls to change my Gucci watch.

Why? Because I hadn’t worn it in years. As I said before, there are no limits for what I am willing to rework if it is not being worn/used.

I initially fell in love with the sleek, understated look of this watch. However, it was too understated for me ... I do like to bring a little edge factor. The fit was also a little too tight for me.  

I was sick of the idea of it just sitting in a box, so I finally did something about it ... I removed the band and combined it with my rarely-worn bracelet.

I love it now; I really love the added toggle (my weakness), which I’ve never seen used with a watch.

Update: I did it again. I just felt compelled to make one small tweak ... I added a few decorative chains to really stamp the watch with my eclectic edge style.