Saturday, December 23, 2017

Fringed Jewels Experiment: Three Deconstructed & Reworked Slouchy Bags

I have developed a love of lightweight “running errands” bags. The eclectic, artsy style of slouchy hobo bags were the perfect answer. 

All three of these bags were deconstructed & reworked... 

Project One: The Lands’ End Tote
This tote was my test drive of this vision. It was a basic tote with six interior pockets and a key fob. I removed half of the pockets (I normally used only three of them.), replaced the standard handles with a shorter version and added the chains. 

Project Two: The Dress Shirt from Talbots
Next I reworked another one of my former dress shirts (I owned several from my “corporate arena” days.). I converted the shirt into a super-light bag. I reworked one of the French cuffs into a strap and used the button-front as an opening to the interior that could be fully or partially buttoned-up.


Project Three: The Never-Worn Cape
The cape was an old gift from a family member. Although it was very nice, I never wore it.

I previously used a section of the cape to rework a skirt. The remaining piece came out perfectly in my third bag.