Friday, November 10, 2017

Updated: Creating A New Look

Often, it only takes one smart change to make a major impact. I’m currently in the middle of two “in-works” changes (I called in a professional to do both.)...

The Kitchen
A bold faucet always makes an impact. This two-tone design from Kohler was my favorite.


However, I reviewed the warranty on my current commercial-style Giagni faucet and discovered it comes with a lifetime warranty on parts (I loved the commercial look but the hose was leaking.) ... So, naturally, the Kohler was returned, I received the part, and was totally happy that I’m keeping the funky, commercial look.

The Bathroom
Changing the flooring in the bathroom can make such a difference. I am loving the distressed look of this white-washed-wood ... It’s actually a porcelain tile. The added bonus is that it feels like wood.

Once the floor was done, I started brainstorming on how I could change the look of the sink’s cabinet. It was a basic composite cabinet. I painted it with a stone-textured paint and sealed it. I’m very happy with the results ... It’s a nod to an organic style.

Below is another option I considered; using a crackle paint. This idea was inspired by the striking look of crackle nail polish and marble bathrooms.

Update: I kept thinking about how much I love the look of marble. I had to find some way to include it. I just finished sealing the faux marble paint (which I hand painted) ... I googled how to do it.

My final tweak was to add a silvery finish to the vanity cabinet handles, to create a subtle contrast. I really love the results...

Update 2: Okay, I admit that I have a little trouble stopping once I’m on a creative roll (hence, my reluctance to share this second update). I had a hand-carved wood stool (thanks to Overstock’s Worldstock section) that was begging for some attention. The stain was dull and the amazing details were virtually impossible to see.

The stool, and its details, are now beautiful. All it took was a few light coats of a stain and sealer.