Monday, October 16, 2017

Updated: Two Deconstructed & Reworked Asymmetrical V-Neck Tops

I prefer to work on several rework projects at once. I tend to limit my posts to feature two or three reworks, although I am often “in works” with more projects. I also tend to come up with more ideas while I’m “in works” ... I keep a journal close so I can just jot them down as they come.

I sew primarily by hand when I’m experimenting with creative detailing; as I did with both of these tops.

Here are the results...

Update: Phase I looked great ...creative on an editorial level. However, in addition to exploring my creativity, my ultimate goal has always been to create a wardrobe of pieces that I can’t wait to wear. As soon as I published the original post, I thought of creating a camisole-like effect on the side with the lighter color.

I will not hesitate to tweak a rework if I get inspired, and yes, 95% of these changes were hand-sewn