Saturday, September 30, 2017

This Weekend's Minor Reworked Projects

Lately, I feel pretty compelled to alter... or add my personal touch to everything. However, I believe that the changes to these three pieces are pretty minor (in comparison to the denim trench project that I finished earlier this week).

Project I:
I loved the neckline of my top, but it was quite oversized. I didn't want to commit to belting it. I decided to go with changing the drape by splitting a side seam and then adding a frilly loop detail to hold the gathered material...

Project II:
The relaxed look of this gray top with the partially-split sleeves instantly appealed to me. I envisioned wearing it to lounge around in or run errands. The actual fit wasn't quite as relaxed as it looked in the picture. The crew neckline and side splits were also a little too high for my taste.

I wore it immediately after I added my "fixes" ... Ruched side inserts with a deconstructed lace overlay and a split-crew neckline.


Project III:
I loved these Antik Denim slim jeans but the rise was just too low for my comfort zone. Adding the drawstring top was the perfect, funky solution. It not only served the functional purpose, but also brought more edge to the jeans.