Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Latest Fringed Jewels Projects

I was recently on a creative high. I reworked a few pieces... jewelry and accessories. The results are bold and dramatic. They will bring a funky edge to any look.

Project I: Sleeves
This accessory was inspired by my opera-length gloves. The sleeves were a leftover from a top that I used in a different rework project. I loved the detailing. I added a rolled finish to the shoulder edge and added the ribbon fringe.

Project II: Scarf with Feathers 
I made this scarf from the leftover material of a reworked Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti top. The feather detail takes the scarf up an exotic notch. Click here to see the reworked Ferretti top.

Project III: My Reversible Necklace
I updated my lariat necklace with a toggle and feather detail. Now I can opt to wear it either way. The bonus is that whichever way I wear it, my necklace now has a bold, striking look from both the front and back views.

Project IV: Earring Add-On
I added a little boho flavor to my formerly corporate-conservative gold oval hoop earrings.