Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Deconstructed & Reworked Denim Trench

One reason that I love to focus on creativity is that it lifts the spirit ... Something that is very helpful when there is so much sad news with all of the natural disasters, hacking and intolerance/terrorist issues.

So, when I woke early Sunday morning (My normal sleep schedule's off from watching the show streams from Milan.),  I was excited about the idea of jumping into several things...

  • Watching the YouTube clip of Coldplay's performance at this weekend's iHeartRadio Festival (I had trouble finding a full clip of  Erykah Badu's performance at the Meadows Festival.).
  • Catching the live stream of Muse at the Life Is Beautiful Festival.
  • Switching between watching "Open House NYC" and some film noir movies; Laura and The Dark Corner.
  • Checking today's show schedule for MFW.
  • Taking the "in-works" (progress) pictures of my reworked denim trench.
Yes, I was doing some extreme multitasking. Here's more info on the trench, and yes, it took this long to complete ... I did 95% of the rework by hand (my reward... my fingertips are currently a little numb).

This rarely-worn denim trench was begging for a rework. I started with channeling my inner rebel via freestyle painting. I then removed the quilted lining ... It weighed the jacket down and limited its wearability.

Next, I removed the belt loops, added hand-sewn buttons and beads, and changed the placement of the closure buttons. 

The final stage involved adding edgy structural detailing...