Friday, August 4, 2017

Why I Love Henna Gloss Treatments

I love the idea of using henna. It's not damaging, unlike traditional hair color. However, the length of time required to go through a henna treatment is overwhelming .., I just am not the girl to wear henna and a plastic cap for hours. As a result, I would often put off doing hennas.

Then I heard of the henna gloss method. I was very eager to try it when I learned the recommended leave-on time is much shorter. I also really liked the idea of combining a conditioner with the henna. I always added conditioning oils when following the traditional henna method. So I was totally on board with increasing the amount of conditioning ingredients used ... I never was one to follow instructions to the letter or measure the ingredients that I use (even when cooking).

I prefer to use Henna King's organic henna treatment. The list of natural ingredients include henna, alma, shikakai, brahmi, khus, ratanjot, heded, baheda, katha, bhingraj, kapur kachri and methi. I combine this treatment with indigo, which helps tone down the red tint. The results are a dark brown, with red undertones that are visible in the sunlight (My natural color is a deep, dark brown.).

I combine the treatment and indigo with my routine, homemade conditioner ... a mix of Bragg's unfiltered olive oil, unfiltered honey, organic mayo (or plain Greek yogurt) and banana flour (As I mentioned before, the flour rinses out much easier than mashed bananas.).

I have done four gloss treatments (over six months) and I really like the results. The color is rich and glossy (thanks to the included conditioner).

My hair also developed subtle red highlights ... The result of a few grays that turned a lighter reddish-brown after the fourth treatment. Please note, I was not focused on covering the grays. I would suggest following the traditional two-step henna method if your goal is immediate coverage of gray hair.