Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Glossy At-Home Pedi Tricks

I like to indulge in a pedicure. I am even more motivated to give into this treat since I no longer polish my fingernails. I decided to stop fighting my hair and now wear a curly, textured style, which has the best results when I style it with my fingers ... Any chipped nail polish will just snag my hair.

Back to the polish...

My goal is to have glossy, long lasting results without resorting to using a gel polish ... I tried gel polish several years ago. It severely weakened my nails.

Here's how I achieved this look...

My Tools:
My go to tools include Zoya polish in Rihana, Goldie and Armor (the top coat). I have used the Anchor base coat, but I must admit that I often skip this step for pedicures. 

My Tricks:
Trick I - I use the gold color as an almost-sheer highlight that's applied to merely catch the light...a key step in creating the extra-glossy illusion. The application is not scientific. It just requires a light touch and restraint (to keep yourself from going overboard). 

I start by combining one part of Goldie with one-and-a-half parts Armor ... I used an almost-gone bottle of Armor (so that the mixture could be used repeatedly). 

I then apply a very small amount of this combo, using a few light flicks via a barely-coated nail brush ... There's no need for a special brush. I just use the edges of the opened bottle to scrape off most of the polish. I concentrate the flicks in the center, so that the effect is very subtle.

Trick II - I always finish with two coats of Armor.

Please note: That second coat is totally essential in bringing extra gloss to the pedicure.

The results are very long lasting. I usually redo my pedis after three weeks. I'm sure they could last for two more weeks, but I just prefer to indulge more often.