Sunday, July 23, 2017

My Resource for Entertainment Live Streams

I love music. I truly love watching a performer connect with the audience. Yet, I am one of those people who prefers to watch live streams. Why?

  1. My number one reason is that I can multitask and get things done while enjoying the show.
  2. I get to discover new music/artists, thanks to these streams. My list of names includes Andra Day, The Internet, Portishead, FKA Twigs, Banks, SZA, Twenty One Pilots, Laura Mvula, Ibeyi, James Blake, Sevdaliza, Madame Gandhi, Delilah, Rudimental and many more.
  3. I also like my personal space. We are conditioned to accept close contact from school ... close seating arrangements in classes, gatherings and even those long, winding drop/add lines in college. A visit to New York during the Christmas holidays made it very clear to me that the days of being comfortable with having no elbow room or control of my personal space are definitely in the past. 

My go-to live music resource is Live List. I admit, the information/links provided are not 100% reliable (hence, my initial hesitancy to share this resource), but the amount of music events listed on this app is pretty staggering.

My Workaround: I find that going directly to YouTube or the event producer's site is often a quick fix when the listed event does not stream properly.

You can access Live List via their app or their YouTube Channel.

Bonus: AOL's Build Series is perfect for those who love to watch live celeb interviews. You can access Build via their app, YouTube Channel or website (