Friday, June 30, 2017

When Pretty Isn't Enough

I do love a beautiful bag. However, I am a city girl through and through. I need a bag that's more than what I like to call a picture perfect bag (pretty nice to look at, but not truly functional). I want my main, everyday bag to go beyond looking pretty. I tend to live with my bag ... I often reach for the same one. That means my "go to" bag must look great and work well for meetings, work-related events, shopping, running errands, etc.

I've tried many styles. Here is my list of must-have features...
  • Top Handles - I have a tendency to put a lot of stuff in my bags. As a result, my back has let me know that it prefers top handles over shoulder straps. It's also a little harder to snatch a bag if it's firmly gripped in your hands (one of my city girl theories).
  • Double Handles - A bag is less likely to tip over and spill its contents, when you're reaching for something inside, when it has two handles.
  • Flap/Magnetic Top - They're easier to open and close than zippers when you're on the go. Here are my two caveats:
      • The flap needs a magnetic or turnlock closure to keep the flap securely in place.
      • There must be no gaps on the sides where slippery fingers can reach inside the bag (another city girl theory).


  • Rolled Handles - Again, I tend to stuff my bag. Rolled handles don't dig into your hand as much.
  • Limited Ornaments - Those cute buckles, chains, studs and extra straps can make a bag heavy.
  • Pockets - I prefer three or more pockets so I can quickly grab my keys, cell, business cards and gloss. Who really wants to do the bag dive (searching for whatever you need)? It quickly gets annoying. I have even resorted to sewing additional pockets into bags that I really liked.
  • Structured Frame - A lightly structured frame tends to look elegant and makes it easier to reach what you need. Doctor-bag frames are heavy ... I avoid those.
  • Embossed or Patent Leather - I have found that bags made with these leathers are often lighter.

I also prefer certain features in my wallets. Here's what I like:
  • It has an elegant look.
  • It has organized, easy access pockets/slots for bills and coins. I prefer continental wallets over the folded ones.
  • It doesn't add a lot of weight to my bag.

I fell in love with my gray embossed saffiano Ferragamo wallet (I chose this color because it's easier to spot inside of a bag.). The love is still strong, but I am kind of feeling the look of this stingray version.

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