Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Latest Eco-Friendly Best Me Practices

If you have read any of my "My Findings" posts you already know that I have extremely sensitive, eczema-flare-up-prone skin. You also know that my skin is so high maintenance that I felt it was easier to just make my own face/body/hair products.

My skin actually motivated me to improve my eating habits too ... I rarely touch sugar, breads or processed foods. Now my dangerous junk food is nuts (very fattening).

I now actually only crave sugar during PMS. One month, I strayed from my routine by going for a second slice of cake ... It was more like a sliver (like the tiny sliver of cake that Alete took in Confessions of a Shopaholic). Anyway, the one time I went for a second slice/sliver, I actually felt sick ... I was literally gagging. I learned my lesson, but I also liked the idea that my body warns me when I go too far (I just need to work on limiting the nuts ... They're my salt fix.). 

Yes, it sounds like I have a lot of high maintenance drama (I agree. It is.), but living with damn-near-constant and severe flare-ups (skin so irritated that water often felt like it was burning) was a great motivator.

The flare-ups are now in the past. The added bonus is that 97% of the products that I use now are eco-friendly (It's like the icing on the cake (Yes, I couldn't resist going there.)).

Here are some of my latest eco-friendly discoveries/efforts:
  1. I discovered soap nuts. Many use them as a natural alternative for laundry detergent. I still prefer my "free" detergent, but I do use them to make a great soap nut & apple cider vinegar facial cleanser and shampoo. 

  2. CFL and LCD lightbulbs are an old favorite. They last much longer than the traditional bulbs and use less electricity.

    Warm Weather Tip: I recently learned that LCD bulbs don't attract bugs.

  3. Cloth napkins. I admit that I sill use paper towels, but I use a lot less when I also use cloth napkins.

  4. Thanks to my deconstructed & reworked projects, I have created a new wardrobe of looks that reflect my personal style without buying any new clothing in over a year (a win-win). I am a former shopaholic, so I have a lot of options to work with ... The added bonus is that I now have more closet space and don't need to keep buying more hangers.

  5. Update: I forgot to include this one (It's not new.) ... I fell in love with toxin-free Zoya nail polish a few years ago. It truly is long lasting in addition to the formula being less damaging to the nails.