Friday, April 14, 2017

Two Next Level Deconstructed & Reworked Pieces

I do love experimenting and testing my creativity. I get restless if I go too long without trying something new. Here are my latest projects...

Project One:
This necklace, which I like to call shipwrecked, started with a favorite scarf that was starting to look a little worn. I wanted to keep some element of it and decided to convert it into a necklace.

I went through several phases with the scarf; from creating different knots to painting it, cutting it, then adding elements from rarely-worn jewelry. I kept trying different things to match the vision that I had of a piece that combined tattered, boho-like elements with a touch of classic, heirloom-style treasures.


I also went through several phases to add my personal stamp to the top shown.

Project Two:
I really loved the look of my Maria Queen Maria top. Yet, again, I felt compelled to change it up a little and add my personal stamp ... I kept visualizing a side bustle and went from there to the next level with additional detailing.

The original top