Friday, April 7, 2017

The Bi-Coastal Art Hearts Fashion Experience - Part One

Fabulous Fashion?  ✅
Great Causes?  ✅
Glam Settings?  ✅
Celebrity Appearances?  ✅

The revolutionary bi-coastal fashion platform Art Hearts Fashion has it all. As a voice for artistic and cutting edge designers, Art Hearts Fashion paves the way for the future of Fashion Week.

The Art Hearts Fashion platform has featured a diverse, international range of designers from China, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt, India, London, Paraguay, Serbia, Malta, Paris, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Philippines, and Australia. It has showcased designers, and occasionally art exhibits, in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Insider Alert: Art Hearts Fashion recently added Beijing to its enterprising platform.

Art Hearts Fashion's philanthropic drive stretches from coast to coast, putting the spotlight on how fashion can promote constructive ideals and influence the progressive evolution of the industry. The platform has raised funds and awareness for various organizations including AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Project Cancerland, Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital LA, and Women's Cancer Research Foundation.

Part One of this two-part feature will cover the New York events ... to be followed shortly with coverage of the fashion week events in Los Angeles.

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Photos courtesy of Getty Images / Arun Nevader
Videos courtesy of Social Network / Jacob Lustig