Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Upcoming Music Festival Season

I love to watch the live streams of various music festivals. Aside from Spotify and Jools Holland, this is how I often discover new artists ... I am drawn to alternative music that doesn't easily fit into one of the traditional, boxed categories. I'm also not a big fan of radio because of it's intrinsically limited music genres and formats  ... Often 30-40 songs on rotation (I'm being generous.).

Last weekend, I caught some of Ultra's Miami Music Festival, which was brilliantly timed during spring break at a number of colleges. I was fascinated with the promo videos (shown below) of their numerous festivals in beautiful worldwide locations They combined the appeal of exotic travel with great music.

Festival Footage from Ultra's Numerous Global Locations...

I enjoyed seeing how the audience jammed and connected with the DJs. I really loved seeing the diversity of the crowd and how the location's culture influenced the outfits of the attendees.

Everfest is a great comprehensive resource for anyone who is planning to go to a festival; whether it's about music, food, the arts, a holiday or some other category. This site also has sections to cater to the performers, organizers, vendors and even festival job seekers.

Happy partying!