Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Little Feel Good Pampering

Last night I felt a little congested and worn out. I am a workaholic. I always have daily projects planned and have trouble truly relaxing, even when I check projects off of my "to do" list ... There's always something productive that I could do and I often battle with the guilt of not doing something during my "me time".

It's the height of flu season and burning the candle at both ends can reduce your resistance. So, I decided that a little pampering session would be just what the doctor ordered. A steam treatment is not only a great way to rejuvenate your skin and energy level, but also great at breaking up congestion.

I have my own facial steamer ... It's more convenient to do at-home treatments. Also, it's easier to control what ingredients are used on my extremely sensitive skin if I do it myself (hence, the reason why I make my own skin/hair/body products).

My facial steamer 
My at-home facial steamer

My facial steamer also does double duty as a hair steamer when I want a seriously-penetrating deep conditioning treatment ... The hair steamer I bought died one year after buying it. This facial steamer is built to last and allows me to control the direction of the steam.

My Method:
I clean my skin using a mild, homemade cleanser. My cleanser contains distilled water which is strained from organic, tea-quality loose herbs. It also contains a small quantity of my castor/olive oil blend. I then steam my face, adding a slight touch of ylang ylang oil to the steam vent. I follow the steam treatment with my skin-softening banana mask, toner and moisturizing serum.