Monday, December 12, 2016

Why I Love Deimille Shoes

I still have my first pair of Deimille shoes; bought almost 10 years ago. They were an off-white pair of loafers wth a thick kitten-style heel ... I recently dyed them. I have bought both classic and bolder styles from this label.

The one constant element that cements my loyalty to this brand is the lush feel. The leather is extremely buttery-soft. It's actually so soft that it damn near caresses the foot. I've honestly only walked away from a Deimille because of sizing ... It was a beautiful pump, but a little too large. I'm always on the lookout for my next Deimille when shoe shopping.

A Little Background Info
The Della Pia family built the first shoe factory in 1926, in the Naples historical centre. The third generation, represented by Pasquale and Giovanni, currently runs the company and maintains the tradition ... The production of luxurious women’s shoes with quality:
      • Craftsmanship
      • Manufacturing
      • Materials

Deimille shoes are made 100% in Italy. Here are some styles that I'm loving at the moment...