Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Groundbreaking Designer Brand to Watch: SLINK Jeans

The acronym SLINK stands for...

Sexy - Lovable - Intelligent - Noticeable - Kind

There are several reasons to be very impressed with SLINK Jeans...

1. Their Body-Positive Mission
It was the first thing that founder Albert Dahan mentioned. I instantly felt his passion and commitment to their mission.

This caption from their About Us page says it all...

This is a call to action to all of you out there! It is your time to shine! You are Beautiful.

Join us in the Body Positive Revolution and step into the Light and Say


Insider 411: Although the size range is already quite extensive (currently 10-24), they are now "in works" on expanding their range to fit curves of all sizes (0 to 24).

2. The Innovative Curve-Hugging Technology
These jeans were designed to flatter and celebrate curves. They feature soft, flex-forming fabric, a curve-hugging waistband and pockets that give. They also have off-center back pockets and front-facing seams designed to enhance your natural curves.

3. Extensive Experience in Jeans
The impressive background includes nearly two decades in the premium denim industry. Albert co-founded Joe’s Jeans with his brother Joe. He co-designs both Joe’s Kids and SLINK with his ex-wife Estelle Dahan. Albert and Estelle Dahan also worked together on the sportswear line Da-Nang, which they sold in 2010.

SLINK offers more than just jeans. Their collection also includes tees, dresses, hats, and jackets in denim and leather. I am really loving the body-positive messages on many of their tees and hoodies.

SLINK is also conducting a model search ... There are a lot of great things happening at this fab company.

Go to SLINK to shop their collection and learn more about their model search.