Saturday, November 19, 2016

I've Done It Again ... Two More Deconstructed & Reworked Tops

It's the weekend and I tend to go on a tangent once I start brainstorming how I can rework things ... especially tops. I'm kind of addicted to the idea of upping the reach factor ... getting more bang for my buck.

Here are two more designer tops that I reworked...

Top I
I added an edgy front and a side insert to this top from Riller, courtesy of a never-worn Armani top. Yes, some might think I'm a little touched but honestly, if I'm not wearing it, the label doesn't factor into the equation ... I will alter it. Now I can't wait to wear this reworked combo.

Top II
I wanted to add a funky bohemian edge to my Ralph Lauren top ... It was yet another corporate-style layering piece. I decided to incorporate a floaty scarf. I can now dress this new look up or down in my typical eclectic luxe style.