Monday, October 31, 2016

My Tear-Proof Alternatives for Eyeliner & Eyeshadow

I have sensitive, allergy-prone eyes. I tend to tear up like someone hurt my feelings in the slightest wind when I wear traditional eyeliner. Even the waterproof versions fail to last through my tears and attempts to avoid the tear-streaked makeup look.

I also have hooded eyes ... The skin between my brows and lids covers most of my lids. Traditional makeup isn't really ideal for hooded eyes, especially if they are slightly oily. The makeup (eyeliners and shadows) just ends up creasing within an hour.

My workaround solution is to use face stains and henna ink (applied with traditional eyeliner and shadow brushes) as alternatives for three reasons:
  1. They are extremely water/tear-resistant and crease-proof,
  2. They don't trigger my eye allergies (I've successfully tested this combo on windy, rainy and high pollen days and didn't shed a tear.), and
  3. I can control the depth of pigment.
How? I use a stain as an eyeshadow (I prefer to use the black stain by Hennaking.). It doesn't rub off and I can control the depth of color with a light application for an understated, day look. Going for a bold, dramatic look is easy ... I would simply add another layer.

I love using cosmetic henna ink as a liner (Please note, this product should not be used on the inner rim or waterline.). I love the glossy finish of the black ink ... It's a dramatic contrast for my chocolate-with-red-undertones coloring and really makes my eyes pop.

The current trend is to draw a top line that extends beyond the eye and wings up. The upward wings are great for adding roundness and lifting the eye. However, I find that my almond-shaped eyes are enhanced more with a subtle, straight wing.

First image (pre-edit/add-ons) source: beauty and sass website
Second image source: Pinterest