Thursday, October 20, 2016

Getting Inspired

Inspiration is essential for me. I rely upon it to "get me through" when I'm frustrated, feeling lazy or hitting a creative block.

I draw inspiration from many sources. Here are a few...
    • Music and watching a performer connect with the audience
    • Unique, well-crafted fashion and accessories (nothing new here)
    • Art and interior design
    • Pictures of beautiful views saved as scrolling wallpaper on my laptop
    • Writing in my "journal" ... I prefer using sketch pads and leather covered gel roller ball pens
    • A dream or visualization board

Knitwear Designer Sandra Backlund

A few of my inspirational items ... accent lighting, art, a dream board and hanging parasols

My "touch of eclectic bohemian" cover for my slipper-style desk chair

More of my accent lighting