Monday, October 10, 2016

Five Quick Ways to Add Glam to Your Decor

I truly believe that we all want a touch of fabulous in our daily lives. I don't believe in limiting it to just clothing. I prefer to enjoy beauty in my clothing in addition to my surroundings, activities and dining. It seems rather pointless to go on a beautiful vacation and not have a daily sense of escape in your home.

Now is the perfect time to glam up your abode ... The holiday season is just around the corner. Here are a few tips...

I. Fab Lighting
Add more sparkle to your candelabra lighting by draping a crystal garland on your chandelier.

No chandelier? Try spray painting a few lampshades a metallic gold. Then finish by adding a sparkly finish with gold glitter spray paint. Krylon offers both.

II. Exotic Candles
Candles bring warmth and luxury to any setting. Nothing does this better than thick, exotic candles on striking candle holders or arranged on a metal charger.

III. Lush Fabrics
Adding touches of lush fabrics can be relatively affordable while enhancing the glam factor. Options include:
  1. Frame existing window panels with elegant outer drapes.
  2. Add or recover existing accent pillows in silk.
  3. Add a silk, velvet or faux fur throw to your couch or bed.

IV. Old World Accents
Go for elegant desktop accessories that can also work on coffee or end tables. Examples include an hourglass, globe, magnifying glass, and a crystal or marble obelisk.


V. Artwork
There is nothing like adding artwork to add a finish to a room. It can be the original or a print ... Art just ups the fab factor.

Art by Curtis Reid, owner of the Charlie Poop Factory

Art by R. Christov

Art by Andrea

Art by Jolina Anthony

Art by Cheryl Wasilow