Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Alternative Banana Deep Conditioner

I have become quite the kitchen chemist thanks to my seborrhea and extreme sensitivity to common ingredients in most over-the-counter products. The list is quite ridiculous and it just became easier to make my own products.

I (and my best friend) have jokingly nicknamed myself Dr. Bombay (from the show "Bewitched") because of my jars of dried herbs & flowers, and my concoctions. I have developed my own irritation-free assortment which includes a face serum, conditioner, leave-in cream, scalp stimulating serum, soothing hair rinse, scented body lotion, sunscreen, lip balm and a crunch-free creamy flax seed glaze.

I have been a big fan of banana treatments. The potassium-packed fruit also contains vitamins A, C and B6. It is great in a skin-softening mask. While it is also a great deep conditioner (l like it mixed honey, my regular conditioner and flax seed oil), the struggle to get the banana bits out afterwards made me question if the juice was worth the squeeze.

I tried mashing overripe bananas with a mortar & pestle and even using a hand blender with no luck. I was prepared to just walk away. Then, voilà! I thought, "Why not try a banana substitute ... Banana flour?". The flour is simply ground dried green bananas.

My experiment was successful and my hair loves it.