Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unique Handmade Jewelry from Novica

I first discovered Novica years ago, courtesy of Overstock's Worldstock Fair Trade department. Worldstock was where I found striking handmade items ... including jewelry and authentic furniture & decor accents (lanterns & jars) from Morocco.

I loved my pieces and the idea that there was a story behind each item. I soon visited Novica's website to see more. The items that I have purchased directly from the site include a colorful, hand-painted saa paper (which dates back 200 years) parasol from Thailand and two hand-carved wooden pieces ... a cog and a Buddha.

I recently went back to the Novica site to check out their latest in jewelry. Here are a few favorites (Yes, I do have a weakness for cuffs, but I did include a funky ring as the last item.)...