Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Emerging Designer to Watch Tangeni Kambudu

My Initial Thoughts: The striking creations by emerging designer Tangeni Kambudu are bold and graphic, yet possess a minimalist's essence at the core design level. The styles feature cuts that are quite structural with a clean, graphic edge ... It's like architecture meets art.

Tangeni later shared with me his influences, goals and inspiration...
"My interest for apparel design was made aware to me in 2008 by my mentor, Donna Miles, but, I must say the idea of design was born in 2003 in my mind.

Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo are the designers that inspire me because they dare to be different.

I personally do prefer to work with durable materials… materials that are able to give me what I want in terms of longevity, shape, line, texture, form and weight.

I always preferred straight-lines, clean-cuts with minimal features."

Tangeni's Ideal Customer is...
..."somebody who is bold, open-minded, dares to be different, be present and chooses to be free… but really, somebody who treats his/her wardrobe as though they were a curator of an art gallery. (ARTISTRY)"

This Collection was Inspired by...
"...a painting called 'Ode aan Jackson Pollock-Summertime' by Mare, 2007. Mare was inspired by Jackson Pollock to create this painting. All of the documentaries of Pollock I have watched, people considered his work “a mess”. 
So, I guess what one sees…another sees differently and I saw beauty, happiness, energy, harmony, freedom and self-expressionism giving me an idea of melancholy…as I feel there is some sort of sorrow or unhappiness in perfectionism. The colours used are from the same family and that creates balance not confusion, in my personal opinion.

So, I took all that with something that is beautiful and applied it to create a perception of artistry through apparel in the most simplest form I could present creating a ventures vision of colours.

A vision of colours/feelings that I can only express in words for one to understand is by saying …It’s like a blind man seeing colour for the first time!!"