Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fringed Jewels Project - Bag Rework Phase II

I shortened the strap in phase one of reworking this bag. Of course, I couldn't stop there ... I just had to take this bag to the next level. I kept visualizing a bold ocean color that would look striking against the brown trim. So I decided to dive in.

I purchased an aqua green dye and applied two coats.

However, I never follow directions or recipes to the letter. I remember being criticized for never staying in the lines when coloring ... I guess I always had a little rebel in me. So I decided to lift some of the color and add a slightly tie-dye & metallic finish.

It was a messy process, but the color that I visualized was an exotic, tropical ocean-turquoise with swirls of a deeper blue. After letting that dry, I added a coat of a glossy sealer. That first coat of sealant lifted off more excess dye to reveal turquoise-like color base and emphasize the detailing in the texture of the core area of the bag. It also deepened the smooth, brown trim to a richly burnished finish.

After first coat of sealant

After additional coats of sealant

I added more coats to achieve the true aqua green color and to make sure that the dye was truly sealed. I honestly don't think I'll ever do this again, but I do love the final results.

In addition to the bag, I also dyed a pair of white kitten-heel loafers. The color had seen better days. However, the leather of Dei Mille shoes is so soft that it damn near caresses the feet ... I just couldn't part with this pair. Of course, I also did the glossy "ocean swirl" treatment on the shoes for a fab & funky look.

Final look