Monday, March 14, 2016

Next Level Deconstructed & Reworked Style

I do next-level reworks for three major reasons:

Being Creative
I love exploring my creativity with these projects. Sometimes my ideas work. Occasionally they might not and I'II need to rethink my vision and start over. Other times my mistakes develop into the fabulous touches that I love.

Adding My Personal Stamp
I love to celebrate my personal style. I no longer say "I'd love it if this piece had this or that" because I now just do whatever I need to do to make it happen.

Customized Fit
My reworks were also a way to tweak the fit of my clothes ... Great details don't look so great if the fit isn't right.

I'm a curvy with broad shoulders, "girls that damn near salute all they meet" (without any help from low cuts or push-up bras), hips, thunder thighs, and a gently-defined waistline thanks to yoga and my relatively-balanced proportions.

I am a size 12/14 (depending on the cut) and can fit a good amount of designer styles. However, clothes that merely fit is never my goal. I prefer to restyle or trash/give away my pieces if they don't look great on me. I'm not a big fan of wearing fitted styles. I prefer pieces that glide over and flatter the shape. The desire to modify cuts syncs well with my love to express my creativity and style.

The Shearling Ptoject
I wanted a shearling jacket that was warm, stylish and had room for multiple layers (I have been teasingly called a layer queen by family and friends.). Most women's coats are cut to be fitted ... This rework was my alternative to dealing with that issue.

I bought a men's shearling jacket, then proceeded to cut it (Yep, I totally cut my shearling!), add faux fur trims and waistline detailing. I also am not a fan of how this coat puckered over the rear-end, so I fixed that issue by cutting the back higher into a slightly handkerchief-style asymmetrical drape.

Update: I forgot to include the added bonus ... The extra long sleeves that are a given when wearing menswear. They up the level of comfort and drama.

This project took some time to complete, but it was totally worth the effort ... I am very happy with the results.