Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fringed Jewels Project - My Reworked Bag Edit

I loved the look of my bucket bag. It's an old classic favorite from Coach; from a time before they went logo crazy and became a knock-off target (It's more than ten years old.).

It was one of my "Bermuda Triangle" pieces; relegated to the "back-of-the-closet & forgotten" zone. I still liked the look of it so I decided to update it with a minor tweak...

I prefer top handles. Naturally, I proceeded to cut the strap and add holes for the shortened length.

I was "feeling" the bucket closure as a funky alternative to my preferred standard of a flap closure for my bags.  I'm not a big fan of a zipper closure. I find them an inconvenient pain to open & close when I'm on the move ...You damn near need to grip the bag at the ends to work the zipper. I don't want to fight with my bag to do what I need it to quickly do when I'm at the register making a quick purchase or late for my train. Hence, my love of flap closures and double-strap top handles.

The bucket closure is easy to work and this feature, combined with the shortened strap, makes this edited bag a nice option for running errands.