Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Creative Organizing: My Unusual Hacks

There are many tools available to help you organize your closet these days. They can range from closet systems to drop down, hanging shelf add-ons and shelf dividers.

My traditional favorites include the easy-to-assemble Stolmen closet rods/shelf system, the Elfa drawer system and a variety of bins and baskets.

Stolmen Closet System
Elfa Drawer System

Here are a few unusual tools that I find very helpful...

1 - The Lazy Susan
The two-tiered style makes it easier to store and, with just a spin, reach your toiletries, polishes, etc. The metal version, paired with vintage vanity jars/bottles or a vintage metal toothbrush holder (filled with makeup brushes), can add a touch of glam.

I actually liked this tool so much that I also bought a larger, single-level Lazy Susan that was made from a wine barrel. It adds a nice old-world touch to my vintage decanters, perfumed oil, powder and handmade puff that rests on its pedestal dish.

2 - Mini-Cubbies Makeup Organizer
This can be as simple as using a desk organizer or a style made specifically for makeup like the Like-it Brick one (shown below) from the Container Store.

3 - Boot Hangers
Boottique's hangers are my favorite solution for storing boots. This tool gets the boots off of the floor while helping to preserve their shape. The clamps come in three grip options; original, a light grip (for suede & delicate boots), and gripz (for heavier boots). Boottique also has a free-standing Boot Rack, Closet Rod Extender and Boot Bags (protective covers that fit over the boots).

4 - Metal Shower Curtain Hooks
These wonderful hooks can hang opened or closed. They fit on clothing rods, open-wire shelving and other hooks to hold scarves, bags, belts and even boots when combined with the above boot hangers.

Closet Photos: Houzz