Thursday, December 31, 2015

Beauty Tips for NYE

It's New Year's Eve. This is the time for drama, the perfect setting for full-on glam.

Here are my findings to pull off the glam without looking overdone...

I love to wear a polished look that incorporates a subtle, sophisticated glam. It's something that I developed years ago. The matte look was just too much of a constant struggle thanks to my slightly oily skin. I decided to stop fighting my skin and just "go for the glow" with a polished, radiant look.

Create the Pre-Makeup Glow

It starts with the essentially healthy diet (occasional indulgence is natural and something to be expected), gentle cleansing and moisture. I also believe in pampering the skin with gentle treatments like herb-infused steam facials and masks designed to encourage "the glow". The key is gentle treatment.

The steam facial can easily be done by adding an herbal tea bag to a bowl of gently steaming water. I love using rosehip or chamomile. There are tons of ready-made masks as well as DIY recipes on the Internet.

NYE Glow
I'd recommend prepping your skin with a relaxing herbal steam, mask, cleanser, and combining your moisturizer with a rosewater or mineral water spray. The spray-moisturizer mix will give your skin a dewy glow.

Add Some Shimmer

I incorporate a subtle, sophisticated glam into my everyday look with a sheer shimmer. Nars' sheer blush is my holy grail for this effect. The glitter particles in these blushes are the smallest and least obvious that I've found. I use a light touch when applying the sheer, highlighting colors to add that extra luminosity to my day look.

I love Luster, a sheer golden apricot highlighting blush; and Albatross, a sheer light-golden highlighter. Reckless, a sheer pink shimmer, is another option.

NYE Glow
I'd recommend combining Albatross with Luster or Reckless to highlight your cheekbones, adding contouring blush, and using the Albatross as a highlighter on your forehead, nose and chin. It can also be used to add a little something extra to the décolleté.

Next, use a brow highlighter like Benefit's High Brow in Champagne Pink.

Top off your lip color with a gold-infused, shimmering gloss on the center of your bottom lip for an ombré-style finishing touch.

Staying In?

Why not celebrate the new year with a pamper session? Try the recommended skin-pamperring treatments, add a mani/pedi and create a festive mood with scented candles, hand-soaked incense sticks (The soaked ones are much better than the dipped version.), relaxing music, and tea, sparkling cider, wine or champagne.

Happy Fabulous New Year!