Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Two Funky Fringed Jewels Projects

I'm pretty addicted to adding my own personal touch to things ... Making them one of a kind. Here are my two latest reworks...

Project One:
I immediately fell in love with this fun and fab IPad sleeve from BluBash. Once it arrived, I knew I would want use it as a funky clutch. The decision to convert it into a full-time clutch took less than five minutes. I just grabbed my scissors and went to work.

BluBash iPad sleeve

I love the results and can't wait to use it.

Project Two:
This is a minor tweak... I mainly did it to increase the edginess of these fabulous elbow-length gloves by Orciani. I really liked the pleated detail. However, I was inspired by my love of tab-front, over-the-knee boots.


The pleated detail loosely extends the glove beyond the elbow area. I tweaked it so that the exposed area is similar to the exposed, back-of-the-knee area with the tab-front boots ... The elbows are out. I plan to pair these with a cape or a fur vest to up the dramatic factor.