Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Latest Pinterest Pins

Vintage Perfume Bottle

I have several Pinterest boards, but my favorites are...
  1. My Temptations: My virtual style board of the things I would love to get or have already indulged in.

  2. Things I Love - Style: My online inspiration board of artistic, fab finds with the detailing that I love.

  3. Things I Love - Decor & Views: My dream board of lush views and interiors.

  4. Reworked Luxe Pieces: My visual quick-reference catalog of many of my rework projects ... These items are also featured on Fashion & the Steal.

Here are a few of my latest favorite pins...

My Temptations

Things I Love - Style
Bib Choker Necklace

Things I Love - Decor & Views