Friday, July 10, 2015

Laid Out

One Core Piece: 
My Jean Paul Gaultier viscose, sheer-mesh tee, that brilliantly incorporates your skin's coloring into the background of the print to make the top look almost opaque.

I've paired this tee with other funky items ... assembled in my eclectic 'mix it up" style...

Added items:

  • My leather, feather necklace, by Love at First Blush, with a touch of metallic gold added for drama. This is paired with my luxe DIY bib necklace with draped shoulder chains.

    Before & After pictures of the feather necklace

    My reversible bib necklace with shoulder chains

  •  My vintage, lace-covered clutch ... I painted some of the embroidered detail with metallic silver and black acrylic paint to add more interest with a reflective element.
  • My Julie Vos bangle cuff, paired with my luxe DIY cuff bracelet combo ... It involved cutting my Marni resin cuff (I kept my old jewelry saw for some unknown reason), then attaching a couple of the cut pieces to the gold cuff.
I would dress up/down this ensemble with jeans, dressy pants or a skirt. However, I love to add a little edge with the funky harem skirt/pants and the black wedge shown below.

Harem skirt/pant by Thaisaket

Wedge by 80%20