Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My New Custom Perfume

My vintage perfume bottle

I have always liked perfume. Unfortunately, I often break out with a rash in reaction to the alcohol that's a standard component of traditional perfume.

My long list of eczema flare-up triggers inspired me to make my own hair/face/body serums, so I decided to make my own perfume as well. I really liked the idea of creating my custom signature scent.

It wasn't that complicated as I knew which essential and carrier oils I liked and were safe for me. I tend to love the exotic floral and resin/musk scents. So I developed a scent that's rich, but light ... It's a mixture of ylang ylang, lemon, vanilla, jasmine and myrrh. It smells exotically delicious.

I put the scented oil in my vintage perfume bottle, added a small amount to my body serum, and made a special blend for my diffuser.

My diffuser