Friday, June 12, 2015

Insider Access: FASHION.4.FREEDOM

The quality of craftsmanship in FASHION.4.FREEDOM's Saigon Socialite collection is stunning. The shoes start with elaborately-detailed wooden soles that are carved by hand in Vietnam ... a process that pays homage to the ancient craft of Pagoda wood art.

The supple leather is then formed by cobblers and applied to the base. This hand-crafted process of re-imagining wood and leather into walkable art, takes 18 days to complete. The same attention to detail is applied to creating jewelry and other items.

The cultural contribution of this dynamic organization is just as amazing. FASHION.4.FREEDOM, the brainchild of founder LanVy Nguyen, is a socially-minded collective of designers, academics, business leaders, and industry thinkers who are committed to doing good business while making beautiful items.

FASHION.4.FREEDOM is the first ethical and culturally responsible supply chain that was created by designers for designers, with a focus on shaping a better society and future.

Collaborating with local government and non-government organizations, FASHION.4.FREEDOM has incubated 59 villages, coops, and rural entrepreneurs in order to get products to market with greater consideration for equitable prices and sustainable methods.

"Today, that same ethical supply chain we built for ourselves is available to any brand ready to intersect luxury, ethics, and quality. We offer the opportunity for responsible design and production through our team of design & production experts, artisans for hand made luxury items, and partnered factories for higher volume production."

FASHION.4.FREEDOM's accomplishments include:
  • 2015 Bronze Prize on social impact design - A-Award Italia
  • 2015 British Council Asia Invitational on Sustainable Manufacturing
  • 2012 70th of 100 Global Public Interest Designer
  • 2012 Google Idea Summit Speaker
  • 2012 Human Trafficking Symposium - Singapore
  • 2012 Echoing Green Semi-Finalist
  • 2012 Cordes Fellowship
  • 2012 SOCAP "Designing The Future" Scholarship

Go to FASHION.4.FREEDOM for more information. View/Purchase their products on Etsy.