Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY Glam Decor Update

I love adding luxe touches to my decor. I recently decided to up the luxe factor in my bedroom by using satin to re-cover the pillows on my bed.

Satin is known for its beauty remedies ... It helps in the prevention of hair loss and split ends. It's also great for curly hair. Hair simply glides across satin ... It can get caught in the weave of other fabrics. The added bonus of satin's lush look and feel makes the material the perfect choice.

Finding the pillowcases proved to be a little difficult. I have pillows in several sizes; ranging from the standard and lumbar versions, to a body pillow and a reading wedge ... I obviously like pillows.

The cases that I found were a little pricey. I decided to buy the satin myself and just pull out the sewing machine. I found an online supplier of a beautiful bridal satin (shown above) and fell in love with the rich gold and pretty rose colors.

I tied the opening (it has a fringed, raw-edge) on my sleeping pillows with the satin ribbon (also shown above). I didn't need the opening on the decorative pillows ... Those could be spot-washed.
Update: I completed a few additions...
  1. I left two previously-reworked, decorative pillows intact so there would be a mixture of textures ... a snake print fabric on the reading wedge and a leaf-embossed green silk on the lumbar pillow.

  2. I used silk scarves to cover a couple:

    • A raw silk long scarf on a small bolster with tied, hanging ends.
    • A pretty pink and green abstract-print scarf, on top of the pink satin, on a square pillow.
  3. I also decided to cover one side of my duvet in the gold satin ... it's now a gloriously reversible indulgence.
Reworked pillows & duvet
Reworked pillows & duvet (body-pillow-sized bolster not shown)

The effort and cost were minimal. The finished look is quite Glam Cush.