Monday, June 8, 2015

Accessories with an Edge


I am not a big follower of trends. I prefer to focus on discovering unique and unusual finds that are well-made and fabulously sophisticated. Those are the pieces that I tend to keep thinking about until I decide to dive in and buy.

Here are a few of my latest funky, avant-garde finds that I wanted to share...

The Last Kult Necklace

 These The Last Kult "over-skirts" could be worn with the right skirt, jeans, leggings or dress.
 The Last Kult "over-skirts"

These spats by Xenolux would look great with bare legs or worn over leggings.

These shoes by alafemme are a little too sky-high for me ... I like to call shoes that are this high "suicides" because I'm pretty sure I'd kill myself in them. However, I do love the look of these McQueen-inspired feather shoes ... The detailing on the heel is also quite amazing.