Monday, February 9, 2015

My Latest Lingerie Addiction

Finding lingerie that is both beautiful and does the job has always been a challenge for me. So naturally, I go a little crazy when I find something that truly works and looks great.

That is just what happened with Simone Perele.

It all started with the Nila Minimizer Bra. I decided to give it a try, although I hadn’t touched a minimizer in years. I was pretty scarred by my first experience ... Let's just say that I am not a fan of horrible, unnatural-looking, smashed boobs.

I fell in love with the way the Nila felt and looked. I instantly went back for more! The bra fit perfectly despite my "special" sizing issues...

The Results:
  • The lush material caressed my skin (I have very sensitive skin and most bras irritate.).
  • The straps didn’t dig into my shoulders (Most straps are too short for me.).
  • The band didn’t curl up or dig into the skin under my breasts.
  • Added Bonus: My "girls" looked natural and didn’t bounce when I walked … How refreshing! 
The Nila bra
The Nila bra

I then tried the beautiful Delice bra and had the same results! Bonus: The lace and eyelet detailing is sooo feminine. The support that this delicate-looking bra provides is pretty amazing.

The Delice Full bra
The Delice Full Cup bra
A closeup of the detailing
A closeup of the detailing

I'm totally hooked now of course. I look forward to getting more fabulous lingerie from Simone Perele soon.

Amour Demi
Amour Demi

Revelation 3D Demi Full

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