Thursday, January 29, 2015

Before & After: My Deconstructed & Reworked Wrap Vest

I really loved this wrap vest. It was one of those pieces that kept calling me back to look at it one more time. Once I gave in and placed my order, I could barely wait for it to arrive.

Then it finally arrived and I loved the look! However, the fit was a little too snug for my "girls" and broad shoulders ... A total downer. Squeezing into an outfit shifts the focus from the beauty of the piece and how flattering it could be, to how tight it is.

Despite the snug fit, I still really loved the funnel-style neckline and wrap feature. So, as usual, I went into "rework project mode". Once I decided to make alterations, I also wanted to add my personal "flavor".

This took some time to do ...  All of my changes were hand sewn and I am not a trained seamstress/designer. I had to redo some sections to ensure it matched my vision. I also left a mistake or two because it turned out better than my vision.

Bottom line, I really love the results and can't wait to wear it.