Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Exotic Indulgence in Decor

I recently described my favorite style term, "Glam Cush" as being a combination of sophisticated edge with a lush feel. That term perfectly describes the designs by Janet Morais. The interior designer states that it started with a simple sketch of a chair over cocktails. Well, that simple sketch has blossomed into the fabulous brand KOKET - Love Happens.

I would describe the style of KOKET's Guilty Pleasures Collection as a modern continuation of the opulent, haute elegance of Versailles and Alva Vanderbilt's Marble House, with a slight touch of Art Deco.The ornate details, created by the brand's talented team of artisans, are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

KOKET's Exotic Opulence Collection is just as glam ... featuring luxe throws, pillows and rugs designed for indulgent pampering.

KOKET has been in the window displays of Saks Fifth Avenue stores and is currently exhibited in Harrods.

The brand was also used in the set design for the movie, "Fifty Shades of Grey". Below are several of the pieces that were chosen for the film...

Guilt Mirror
Mademoiselle Armoire
Exotica Dressing Table
Burlesque Console
Desire Sofa
Chloe Sconce
Délice Chair
Incanto Bench

Most of my favorite, luxe fantasy picks are included in the above film selection. Here are a few more of the stunning pieces that I covet...
Camilia Armoire
Privê Daybed
Temptation Console
Envy Chaise
Spellbound Cabinet
Forbidden Bed
Mistress Confidante
Mistress Confidante