Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Insider Access with Award-Winning Costume Designer, Stylist and Fashion Designer: Mina Kaye

I was instantly drawn to the striking designs of Mina's collection, Maria Queen Maria. I envisioned her eye-catching creations on the runways of London or Paris. I wanted to see more of Mina's work...and found plenty. She has worked on numerous creative projects including film, music videos, TV, advertisements (print and broadcast), magazine editorials and interior design.

Two of the films that Mina styled were participants in the Cannes Film Festival. She was nominated in 2004 and 2005 for stylist of the year in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria), by the Pantene Beauty Awards. Mina's work on the British-Bulgarian movie "Mission London", won her the Woman of the Year 2010, Designer Award; the fashion and lifestyle award from Grazia Magazine.

Mina was kind enough to answer my questions...

Q: How did you get started?
A: Ten years ago, I spent a few years in Asia, where I really got hooked on deconstructive fashion. Coming home in 2007, I started a teen brand called POPPY QUEEN and, in 2009, the Maria Queen Maria Fashion Label.


Q: What is your inspiration; drawing a design, fabric, color, external sources?
A: My inspiration is a reflection of the urban realty - the city shapes, colors and shadows.

Q: Do you have favorite materials that you prefer to use?
A: I use mainly cotton, polyester and viscose. The color nuances - black, grey and white.

Q: Who is your typical customer?
A: My typical customer is someone with artistic style or profession, women with their own non-commercial style. My online customers are mainly from the US (both the East and West coasts), Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Kuwait and Dubai.

Two videos styled by Mina:

"Mission London" poster
A scene from "Mission London"

Salons "Veni"

Moda Magazine

Mina's boutique in Sofia

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collection:

"The new 2014 Fall/Winter collection of Maria Queen Maria is inspired by the urban shapes and volumes - a new geometry, new city look, new emotion...
Maria Queen Maria continues its successful line of original, deconstructive designs. The colors remain mainly black with just a few spots of white...
The new designs are casual and feminine, posh and elegant... designed for the modern, independent, urban woman. 
The clothes are soft, flexible and multifunctional allowing all kinds and combinations, styles and volume play... 
The new collection of Maria Queen Maria is contemporary, avant-garde and classy at the same time. Full of energy, passion and attitude. 
A true sensation in the world of deconstructive fashion!"

Some of my favorites from the collection...

More of Mina's designs can be found on her website, Maria Queen Maria and in her Etsy shop.