Saturday, November 15, 2014

Four Tips to Curb the Urge to Splurge

The holiday season is quickly approaching. There will be plenty of temptations for you to suddenly develop a case of "budget amnesia". Now is the time to get your tendency to splurge under control.

Below are some signs that you might need to rein it in:
  • You often "find" items in your closet that you forgot you bought.
  • The sales people know you, by name, at several stores.
  • You will eat PBJ for lunch 'til your next pay if necessary to score a fab piece that you just have to get.
  • You've become very good at justifying every purchase, no matter how frivolous it is.

I could go on. Here are some tips that can help...

Refine & Purge

Go through your closet and pull out those items that you haven't worn at least twice in the last year. Put your clothing and accessories into piles that:
  1. Need adjustments - Make plans to do it or have it done professionally. Don't just put them back in the closet,
  2. You like but are "special occasion" pieces - These can go back in the closet.
  3. You never wore. Toss or give away what doesn't work on you. Go to the next tip with the ones that "would be perfect if..."


This is where you can customize your pieces. You can do this via a professional; tailor/jeweler/cobbler, or you can do it yourself. You already bought it ... Why not do some tweaking so that it truly flatters you, and you get your money's worth?

Build A Closet Diary

Now that you have streamlined your closet, it should be pretty easy to create a closet diary. The diary helps you
  • Become more aware of what you have,
  • Create a list of the pieces you'd like to get,
  • Avoid buying multiples of the same items, and
  • Identify your preferred style ... Which can help you resist temptations that result in buyers' remorse.
There are several digital options for a closet diary. They include using a Pinterest board (you can make the board secret - instructions), a spreadsheet/database or even an iPhone/iPad app. Wardrobe Assistant and Stylebook are two apps that might help.

Wardrobe Assistant

Make Shopping Resolutions

At this point you should know your preferred style, what items you have and what you'd like to get. You can now go shopping with an agenda. Thanks to your resolutions, it will become easier to resist distracting temptations.

For example, after going through my own purge, rework and diary, I learned that I had plenty of the classic basics (I actually, had too many.). I also learned that I preferred sophisticated, high-end pieces with unusual, edgy detailing over the popular trends (a reflection of my love of global culture and art).

My resolution was to buy only unique pieces with polished, yet edgy touches that I would constantly want to wear. Part of my resolution required that I visualize myself wearing the item with at least three different outfits. Armed with my goals, it was much easier to resist buying something just because it fit, had a designer label or was a good deal.