Thursday, October 30, 2014

Reworked: Redone Pendant Light

The original light

I basically have become obsessed with adding my personal, creative stamp to my possessions. I find joy in thinking of creative ways to improve my pieces...a habit that I developed in my career in online marketing. I often will go through two or three rework phases before I truly consider the project as complete.
I tend to gravitate towards gilded accents with decor projects ... The color just adds warmth and a glam finish to my unusual finds, as demonstrated in the final results of my laser-cut paper pendant light below.

I was instantly attracted to the beautiful detail of the leaf pattern and didn't hesitate to purchase one with a white/lavender/purple color bleed. I decided to use a different lamp base to make the shape look more organic.

Phase 1: Organic draping with a different lamp base

I spray-painted the base and the laser-cut paper, while leaving some of the lavender and purple coloring intact. The metallic gold paint adds depth and gives the pendant light a warm, rich finish.

Phase 2: Added a gilt finish

Update: I added another color (I actually mixed several colors together to get the desired results.) at the bottom and trimmed a little for a polished final phase...

Final Phase