Friday, October 24, 2014

A Little Indulgence

photo of a Moroccan hammam spa courtesy of Moroccan Atlas Tours

I do believe in treating myself to regular little indulgences. I borrowed one of my frequent treats from one of the steps in the Moroccan hammam ritual; a ritual which has grown in popularity as a spa treatment.
The traditional hammam ritual includes the following steps:
  • Extraction - Impurities are removed with a mask of mineral-rich rhassoul clay that is left on for approximately 15 minutes, then rinsed away.
  • Cleansing - Moroccan black soap is an olive-based soap that traditionally includes eucalyptus or orange essential oil and has a paste-like texture. The soap prepares the skin for exfoliation. It is left on for approximately 15 minutes. The soap is then rinsed off, or in some cases, left on to be used in combination with the exfoliation step.
  • Exfoliation - This is done by scrubbing the skin with a kessa glove. The glove is the key element of the hammam ritual. It does an amazing job of stimulating the circulation and removing the dead skin. I've tried many exfoliation tools/methods. This glove is definitely my favorite.
  • Massage - The invigorating massage, traditionally done with argan oil, moisturizes and adds the glowing, final finish to the ritual.
the kessa glove

This exotic ritual is rather time-consuming. I like to give myself a mini-treat ... I follow my regular cleansing (I prefer to use Greek olive oil soap.) with the kessa glove. I then finish with my homemade lotion ... It has moisture-rich ingredients including olive, rose hip and frankincense oils. My skin is buttery-soft when I'm done.

I also like to regularly give myself an at-home, mini-pedi; a soothing foot soak, followed with a kessa glove scrub session and my lotion.