Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fashion & Beauty: My Two Cents


Early this morning, I received access to H&M's Studio F/W 2014 lookbook and promotional video; the collection is available on September 4th.

However, I prefer to share a look at the collection via their runway show. The setting was pretty fabulous. This is not only because the show was presented in Paris .... The runway also had a very chic glam rock vibe. The live performance only added the icing to the fab cake.

Beauty: Flattery is Nice

I went to my local Sephora store in search of a new concealer yesterday. The consultant who was helping me asked why I would wear concealer. I was flattered and thanked him for the compliment. Concealer is the only makeup product that I use to cover my undereye circles and occasional dark spots ... I don't use foundation or powder.

The concealer he recommended is my new love, but I wanted to share my latest skin care development ...

A few months ago, I started making my own lotion/leave in conditioner and makeup remover (My skin is so sensitive that it's just easier this way.) I also recently developed an all natural skin treatment to help keep my skin looking its best. It's my self-tested mixture of organic rosewater, cold-pressed rosehip oil and lemon essential oil. The ingredients in this potion contain vitamins A, C, Omegas, antioxidants and more. It moisturizes, soothes my super-sensitive skin and smells great. It was even the key element in resolving my constant battle with chapped lips.

Of course, I also use a great sunscreen with a high SPF, which is a must ... Although my potion uses a small, diluted amount, lemon oil is photosensitive.