Monday, July 28, 2014

Fringed Jewels Project - My Unusual Rework Project

I found this cuff bracelet on Etsy and instantly had to get it. The cuff was bold and topped with beautiful lace. I really loved the contrast.

Two years later, I realized that I've worn the cuff a total of two times. I still thought that it was striking, but it just didn't have that something extra to make me want to reach for it ... It was pretty lace attached a metal cuff.

This weekend, I decided to try out an idea to add another dimension and increase the edge factor a little. Two days later, I've already worn it. The components of the cuff are not as obvious now ... I can now see shapes and other details, when before, I just saw pretty lace. I instantly thought of the tops that I could pair it with, and that was my ultimate goal ... to up the reach factor.

Update: I also updated a rarely-worn snake-print cuff and wanted to share the results...