Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fashion in My Inbox

Keeping my inbox manageable is a constant struggle ...There are just too many, even on weekends.  As a result, I never leisurely browse emails. I glance at them (love that preview pane!) for about five seconds. If nothing grabs my attention, I delete it or mark it for mass deletion later.

Below are a few of the recent emails that I liked...

I liked the rich colors and the knot-texture clutch in this email from Bottega Veneta (I, ironically, was working on a rework project with knots last night, or more accurately, this morning.). I originally did a double-take because I thought of the wedding site, but then really looked at the clutch.

Another plus: I have always loved their slogan about your own initials being enough.

This Gucci ad caught my attention because the models look so relaxed and comfortable in the clothing ... I can imagine them sprinting out to run some errands.

I am, by no means, in a hurry to feel the cold weather that requires wearing a shearling jacket, but I do love this look.

I was quite surprised when I recieved this from Hermès. This infographic-style email is cute, modern (Who else would put an infographic in an email about fashion?), and a nice nod to the brand's equestrian roots.

Yes, I am a horse according to this ... I resisted yielding until the leather accessories statement got me.