Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fashion DIY Rework Project: Adding a Little Drama


I am totally known for wearing layers. My favorite combos are a mix of feminine and flowing blouses, tees with special detailing or long sweaters that I like to pair with edgy jackets, sweaters or vests for a sophisticated yet slightly rocker-chic, bohemian feel.

Asymmetrical Drama 

I have a habit of customizing the edge factor by adding extra asymmetrical touches. Below are some examples...

I had a cute Diesel jacket that had a hidden double panel (The first picture is the original version of the jacket.). I decided to skip the belt and better utilize the hidden panel by making it an asymmetrical feature.

I decided to play up the asymmetrically-detailed back of the W118 by Walter Baker jacket by removing the zipper and adding a snap so the front hangs asymmetrically as well. This transitional jacket is now perfect for layering over long, flowing tops.
W118 by Walter Baker

I added a little edge to the beautiful, silk Walter jacket below by removing all but one of the buttons. I moved the button that I kept to make the jacket hang asymmetrically. I also removed the padding in most of the sleeves, leaving it in the bottom to accentuate the exaggerated, split cuffs and add more drama.

Controlled Drama

The Sinela ankle boots below were different, but the openings were a little too open and sloppy for my taste. I stitched in tucks to create a more controlled look.